rest of tas coverage.

I give up on going through all the pictures. You can find all of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 shots here:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Parking Lot

And some teasers! Picked up a CSL trunk the other day for cheap! 😀
Looking forward to putting it on this weekend (I hope)…

Also swapped the tires from my Loversouls to the SSR Type C’s I’m gonna run on temporarily. Gonna retire the Loversouls.

tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 9]

Not so sure about the Rotoras… but I do like the TE’s!

Liberty Walk’s Lambormini:

I like the redesigned Work CR-Kai… Hopefully they won’t get replicated to the  extent of the original CR-Kai.







tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 7]

I think for the last few parts of my coverage, I’m just gonna post up random cars and things I found interesting.

Aimgain’s LS600H:

T&E’s E92. I think it’s 2JZ swapped iirc.

Goodyear had a pretty nice set up of gold BBS wheels set up to display their tires:

Honda had a pretty nice display with a Beat concept of some sort.

Dixcel had a 1M and a 458 Italia race car or something at their booth:

DAD Garson always has blinged out cars at their booth, this year it was no exception. The booth was huge. These two shots make up maybe 1/3 of the entire booth. Though, probably about 1/2 of the booth was dedicated to selling their accessories and such.

Outrageous interiors is what they’re about.

The extreme, blinged out interiors carries on outwards to their wheels as well:

DAD Garson also usually has pretty good show sales for Tokyo Auto Salon… If you ever wanted to pick up some goods from them, TAS would be an excellent place to get them if you get the opportunity to go.

Gazoo Racing had a really cool 2000GT in their booth… runs on an electric motor or something? I have no clue, but there’s solar panels on the hood. *shrugs*

Prius turned camper van sorta thing. Weird.


tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 6]

Part 6 of my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage will be about a car close to my heart.. the Fit!
It’s a shame there’s not much of a following in North America, it’s a car that won’t garner much attention over on our side of the pond, but it’s very popular in Asia!

Starting off with the Takero widebody GE Fit. You can check out their build on one of their blogs:

It’s boosted as well, to back up that crazy aero.

Nice looking gauge pod set up over on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Artis Japan ( also had a couple Honda Fits on display, to show off their custom paint abilities.

That brushed aluminum look on all the metal panels of the car is CRAZY.