tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 9]

Not so sure about the Rotoras… but I do like the TE’s!

Liberty Walk’s Lambormini:

I like the redesigned Work CR-Kai… Hopefully they won’t get replicated to the  extent of the original CR-Kai.







tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 8]

There was a display of a few brand new 5 series’…

AC Schnitzer wagon and sedan:

3D Design… my personal favourite:



And finally, Hamann:

Erst’s Volvo S60 & V60:

I really liked the whale tail spoiler on this 350z:

Great looking Z4 interior:

backyard special.

Gonna stop the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 posts for a bit to look at some other shops I went to.
Backyard Special is located near Nagoya, and wasn’t too hard to get to thankfully. Nestled in a residential neighbourhood, it’s a fairly large building shared with another store (non-automotive I think…), and there, BYS has a small showroom and garage.

First up, we have BYS’ CR-Z sitting on WedsSport SA-60M’s. The rear wing on it is kinda weird, but I’m digging the exhaust.

An EK9 Civic Type R – it’s for sale by the way…

Honda Beat on Mugen CF-48. Another EK9 was getting worked on in their garage.

A slightly crazier Honda Beat on WedsSport TC-08’s:

Finally, the FD2 Civic Type R. BYS ditched the stock CTR wing and opted for a subtle lip spoiler. I’m liking it a lot. Definitely a far cry from most shops that leave the stock wing on or put on a GT wing. Look like it’d be a great street cruiser that doesn’t draw too much attention (minus the stickers and time attacks)

There wasn’t much room inside their shop, but it’s packed full of their goods, as well as some parts from other companies like Mugen.

They also managed to cram a *MINT* Honda S600 in there.

Concluding the morning’s visit was a brief drive back to the station, courtesy of Mr. Suzuki, in the BYS CR-Z. Visiting BYS was definitely a great way to start the day in Nagoya. 🙂