osram night breaker plus.

Got the car back from a clear bra install and installed the Osram Night Breakers, so here are some comparison shots. You’ll have to look really hard cause the difference is so minimal.

Left = Osram Night Breaker Plus
Right = OEM bulb

Passenger side = OEM bulb
Driver side = Osram Night Breaker Plus


The colour difference is more apparent in the shots of the wall – the Osram Night Breaker Plus’ are ever so slightly whiter. However, the head on shots of the car’s headlights reveals no visible difference. As for the brightness, it’s about the same. I suppose these bulbs might live up to their 90% more light claim if one were to put these into an older car with really old bulbs? Maybe. If I were to do it again, I probably wouldn’t buy them for a brand new car.