fall shoots.

Beautiful time of the year, brisk morning air, leaves changing colours … sucks that summer is over though. Took some photos of my Fit w/ dc.’s Fit and an A4 before it gets too cold.

>>>More pictures of the Fits<<<
>>>More pictures of the A4<<<

studie yokohama.

So continuing on, after the Yokohama China Town stop, we headed off to Studie Yokohama. We ended up getting lost, google maps ftl. Pointed us into a residential neighbourhood. ~_~  After wandering for a bit, we decided to get a taxi there, using what little broken Japanese I knew, with a taxi driver that knew no English. So we end up getting there, it was pretty dark at this point, couldn’t miss the huge lit up Studie sign.

Some Advan’s on display… LOVE the mixing of JDM w/ Euro cars. ❤

Active Autowerke supercharger and other componants? $$$$$. You know they’re doing it right.

More rims. AC Schnitzer this time.

Hrmmmm… what’s this? E30 M3? Looks good doesn’t it?

What’s that in front of it? Looks like Gran Turismo… hrm….. this also doubles as…

… the ultimate gaming machine. It’s one thing to build a set up for racing games with a bucket seat and rails, it’s on a whole new level to build it into a car.

More rims. I love rims. Can’t get enough of them. This time some BBS love.

mmm.. some RE30’s as well. Some Bilstein suspension thrown in for good measure.

Pretty cool display of BMW art cars.

Their alignment machine in the show room. Again, like ASM, I gotta emphasize how clean the shop looks. Hardwood floors, bays built into the show room …

Library of BMW reading material as well.

This was really cool. Chess pieces made of bolts, nuts, spark plugs etc.

You can see Imamoto-san (iirc) in the background. He came up to us and in well spoken English, asked us if we needed any help, and that we could ask him if we had any questions etc. I guess the taxi driver told him we were foreigners when he called the shop to find out where it was.

More baller stuff. Gruppe M.

And some Brembo’s… there’s no cheap stuff here. Only the finest.

KW and Ohlins suspension.

Studie logo painted by a local artist iirc.

Wish I could’ve seen this car today… Studie x Glad Racing Super GT (Z4M or M Coupe? I always get confused)

Inomata-san came up to us again, this time asking us if we wanted to take a look at the garage. OF COURSE WE WOULD! 😀

But before we got there, we got to see this beauty. Basically the street version of their Studie x Glad Racing Super GT car. Full M Motorsports widebody… HOT.

Wheel gap though. ~_~

Apparently, this car just arrived back at the shop earlier today, after touring the states (LA Auto Show and SEMA I believe). Lucky we went there that night. It’s no Super GT car but it’s close enough for me. 😀

Love the details.

Pretty nice 330i…

Whose owner just bought this brand new 4 door M3. :O

In the garage …

I do love 1 series hatches… so much more so than 1 series coupes. The coupes just look retarded imo.

Love the exhaust tips on this sedan.

This is the owner of Studie’s car. 8 series, BMW individual paint and interior… OEM purple paint ftw.

Parting shot… BMW for sale. Love the colour matched inserts.

chinatown in yokohama.

Continuing from the post a week ago, after leaving ASM Yokohama, we headed off in search of a late lunch/early dinner. Yokohama’s China Town is apparently on of the biggest in Asia (perhaps even the biggest?), and was right around the corner from ASM … well, maybe a 15 minute walk.

American muscle in Japan. Looks pretty nice sitting there.

Some interesting buildings while walking to China Town… I believe this was in Motomachi? Or somewhere close by to Motomachi.

Finally, China Town. Can’t miss the huge gate at the entrance.

Some shop that strictly sells stuff with pandas on it, or relating to pandas.

The temple in Yokohama’s China Town.

Overpriced peking duck. :S
9,240 yen for 1 duck.

We went inside some sort of small shopping area/food court and had a bunch of random stuff… the first being a panda-man…

As well as a sweet & sour shrimp dish:

Some fried rice:

Some not-so-spicy “Siu Long Bao” / dumplings… the guy told us they were *very* spicy several times before we ordered… it didn’t end up that spicy in the end. ¬_¬

…and the best of all, the GIANT DUMPLING. This thing is massive. Took like 25 minutes to cook. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. We were all expecting it to taste like crap, considering how much meat each bite would be. *shrugs*

For size comparison:

It kinda tasted like the meat buns we had earlier, the panda-mans.

The dessert was very interesting though, looks extremely pretty, a clear marble of jelly, with a center of diced fruit. However, looks ARE deceiving, the jelly wasn’t as soft as one would think, it’s quite hard actually, and tasted rather bland. A+ for looks though.

That pretty much concludes my walk around Yokohama China Town… afterwards we headed back on the train and went to Studie Yokohama in the evening for another shop tour, I’ll post that next time I have a bit of free time. 🙂

asm autobacs yokohama.

Just going through some pictures from earlier this year when I went to Tokyo for Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, decided to elaborate a bit about my visit to ASM Autobacs Yokohama. Finding ASM was a relatively easy task, they’re located on a fairly large road in Yokohama, and getting there from the train station is pretty simple. My friends and I got off at Ishikawacho station, though not the closest to ASM (seems like the closest station is Motomachichukagai), it was a nice walk through the area of Motomachi, with its cobblestone roads and boutiques.

Seeing the ASM billboard was a welcome sight, I was pretty stoked as this was my first Japanese tuner shop visit ever.

Taking a look outside and around the shop, the building doesn’t look like a “car shop” at all. The building is larger than I expected, considering how small homes and such are in metropolitan areas of Japan (or Asia in general). The glass pane with the ASM logo etched on is nice touch – a taste of the clean design and the use of the very “un-car shop-like” materials inside.

Walking around to the parking lot beside ASM, some of ASM’s shop and customer cars were parked out back. Definitely loving the white & orange contrast on their S2000.

The ASM kit for the S2000 has to be my favourite of all time. Clean design, nothing too outrageous – perfect for a street car.

Stepping inside, one is greeted with their enormous collection of Recaros. It’s probably the most recognizable feature of ASM as a shop. Everyone’s ASM shop visit pictures I’ve seen has not failed to show their infamous wall of Recaros. It’s quite the sight.

The display of their complete exhaust system for the S2000 is very cool. The whole system just oozes quality. And because I haven’t mentioned it before, the hardwood floors are amazing. The whole shop just looks and feels different from all the car shops I’ve been to (not many…). Using materials that are more natural just elevates the interior to another level. Even the garage area has hardwood floor!

A set of their coilovers by Sachs, for the Mini Cooper:

As well as their 3 ways for the S2000, again by Sachs. Quality stuff. If you squint a bit in the first picture, what’s the price on a set of those? OMG wut – 1,260,000 yen? What’s that translate to, like… $15,000 Canadian? Oi, that’s nearly 3/4 of the cost of my Fit. ~_~

Beefed up subframe? Not too sure. Looks serious though.

ASM stickers? mmm, probably the only thing I can afford. -_-;;

In the end, I ended up buying a stubby antenna, a t-shirt, and a Recaro scarf from them. Don’t think I could’ve afforded much else. ~_~
Unfortunately, their time attack S2000 wasn’t around, apparently it was at a garage in Suzuka, or something like that. Would definitely visit them again next year though, have a Japan trip in the works, hopefully this time around they’ll have that car there.

Anyways, some parting shots of the owner’s Cooper.