double black.

It’s been pretty warm the last couple days in Toronto, seems like spring is finally here! Had to do  an obligatory spring car wash, and met up with the new owner of my old E46 to take some pics (albeit crappy cell phone pics with  a Note II). Can’t wait to drop the Passat on the H&R Sport springs I’ve ordered. 🙂











So the new wheels… it was relatively new when I went to Tokyo Auto Salon 2012, and when I saw them on the Aeroover Nissan Cube, I knew these were definitely on the short list of wheels I’d like to own sooner or later. Granted, now that I look at the picture of the Cube again, it was running 18″ step lipped versions, whereas the ones I ordered are 17″ reverse lip. In retrospect, I kinda feel like I should’ve ordered the step lipped versions as I like those more, but we’ll see how these reverse lips look on the Fit first. I feel like 18’s would be way too big on the Fit, unless it was on air (like the Cube), but those step lips look so good.