jon olsson’s r8.

mmm delicious.
Hope to see it when Gumball comes around to Toronto in a month! 😀


another set of ssr.

4th set of SSRs,  3rd set of Type C’s.  This set will probably last me for the rest of the year… and I’ll definitely have to try something new next year.


james’ laguna blue pearl s2000 [illmotion].

Ill Motion just posted their feature of James’ Spoon and Voltex kitted S2000. Check it out >>>here<<<
And check out the rest of my shots on my flickr >>>here & here<<<

I took the rolling shots about a month ago, when there was still tread on the TE37 Super Laps. Afterwards, James lent the wheels back to Dan for him to do the burn out shots in the previous post, and James ended up borrowing a set of gloss black 17″ TE37’s for the still shots.



bling blang.

Picked up a set of these DAD Garson door lock pins at an Upgarage when I was in Japan and finally got a chance to take my door panels off for install. The Fit makes no sense at the moment. Bucket seats and bling… sport lux I suppose. haha.