freshly lowered passat.

Just passed 10,000 km earlier this week so I had to treat the Passat to a little gift. Got it lowered this morning on H&R sport springs, and I’m fairly happy with the ride. The height is just about where I want it to be (not too low for the daily) – stock height was maybe about 5 finger gap, and now it’s down to about 2 finger gap. I think this will probably be it this year  in terms  of ‘bigger’ mods on the Passat, I have some pedals coming but that’s nothing crazy. I also have a set of 19×8 +40 Rial Nogaros for it, sitting around in storage, but I’m hoping to utilize the stock tires a bit more before buying tires for the 19’s. Need to save money for some big changes on the Fit as well. :\

I also ended up doing a resonator delete on the Passat. One large resonator and two smaller ones. I haven’t heard the exhaust note from outside the car yet, but it remains fairly quiet in cabin. No drone whatsoever, but you get a bit of VR purr. There are two rear mufflers remaining, that will probably be changed out for a custom Magnaflow with quad tips or something. That’s the plan anyway.