sai’s rsx & 240sx [s&p].

Stretch and Poke feature of SAi’s RSX & 240sx found >>>here<<<
More shots found in my flickr >>>here<<<

SAi’s cars are always nicely done, and he brings them to the track too!
Check out some of the shots that aren’t found in the S&P feature:

Authentic M&M Honda diffuser:

Authentic Mugen hood:

SAi just doesn’t cut corners when it comes to his builds.


aph voltex cyber evo.

So Advance Powerhouse has a new track car, and it’s quite a beast. Stopped by APH on Saturday to get some work done to the Fit and took a couple quick snaps. I’m sure you’ve seen some photos posted all over the net already but here’s a few more.

danio’s ap2 with new wheels [tuned life].

Another feature by tuned life, this time of Dan’s AP2!

Dan recently picked up a set of 18×10 +30 TE37 Super Laps after selling his old set of white TE37’s, I think I like the yellow and white better, but this isn’t bad at all. At least he’s running 235 tires now as opposed to the skinny 215’s on the old set of TE’s. :p

Fitment is pretty precise with the flared fenders…