track duty.

Tried the E46 out on track yesterday, sucks it was pretty much drizzling the whole time, but overall it was pretty fun, couple of hairy situations under braking though with all the standing water. :S

nextmod 1st year anniversary.

Nextmod had their 1st year anniversary yesterday, looked like it was gonna rain the whole time but the weather held up for the most part. Only a light drizzle or two throughout the afternoon. Not too shabby. Super humid though.

GS on flat black CCW’s and a huge front splitter. Definitely different from the usual VIP styled GS’ out there.

steezy’s Si with a new rear diffuser:

Galen’s turbo RSX on AME FS01’s as well. That’s like, 2 of the 3 known (to me anyways) sets of FS01 in Toronto, possibly in Ontario?

Super Advans… don’t work most of the time but looks pretty good here:

RX8 on LM’s… it was running VSXX at the Stretch & Poke II meet a few weeks ago. Nice selection of wheels.

Volk Evo 3’s (I think?) on a 300zx. Nice wheels, I dig ’em.

Great looking G sedan.

NT03-M’s, don’t see them much, great looking wheel though.

Mugen, Regas and Brides. Can’t go wrong with that combo on a DC2.

APH’s turbo, Amuse kitted S2k:

Peter’s IS350, now on SSR Type F’s:

Barry’s Voltex 350z:

Level One / Backstage line up:

Jer’s 350z on F zero blue TE37’s. Love the colour, looks so much better than Dan’s mag blue CE’s.

Gruppe M intake… JDM BLING.

errrrr… a rally prepped Impreza was driven to the meet.

SAi’s J’s DC5. Looks the same, but now without the massive amount of stone chips!

GS on some VS-KF’s. Nice.

Wedssport SA55M’s looking good on this slammed TL.

Rachel’s turbo Element on some new wheels, RG-D’s 19×9.5.

Galen’s RSX again…

FS01 club.