mounted the new wheels (sort of).

Got the wheels and tires mounted and balanced at Speedstar during the past week and installed (well, tried to) them yesterday. Unfortunately, the fronts require a small spacer  to clear the Endless caliper, just 2 or 3mm. It’s also a little more aggressive than I would’ve liked (the fronts anyway). I used a 5mm spacer and it pokes just a tad. Nothing a little more camber can’t fix but, it’s a bit more aggressive looking than the rears. The rears ended up fitting fine, had to shave/cut my rear quarters, where there’s a corner and it couldn’t be rolled. But it looks as though it fits, hopefully not too much rubbing issues. I have a set of SPC shims coming in soon so I can get it all aligned and run a bit more negative camber all around.

I’m  actually not wow’ed by the wheels on the car, unfortunately. Perhaps I should’ve went with a brighter silver like the old SSR Type C / Competitions I have. In any case,  I like them – no doubt about that. Just not as impressed as I thought I would be with them on. I’ll judge again when the car is dialed in and everything fits.