jdmrides meet #3

JDMrides meet #3 took place yesterday @ Richmond Hill Honda, pretty awesome spot Shane/Dan got for us in the service drive through. Chu’s new Zero Sports front bumper is too sick. Wingless STI is key. Didn’t take too many pictures, just a quick walk around and took shots of whatever I found interesting.

Full album >>>here<<<

Some of the shots:

^^^ Mugen exhaust looks so good.

what a waste of time.

So here I am, making a new blog since my previous one was kind of a bust. The day before I write my first CSC exam. It’s so hard to study in front of a computer, and I really should get back to studying. Mad procrastination.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be a little more successful at regularly updating this blog. To end the first post, here’s some pictures of post-Imporfest 2009. Congrats to Caleb for getting 3rd in the 06-09 Civic/CSX category. It’s well deserved.