vip civic revisted.

e46 phase I.

So as mentioned previously, I finally got around to dropping the E46 daily on KW Variant 1 coilovers and put on the SSR Type C’s I had for it. Loving the ride on the KW V1’s, pretty much feels stock. Though, I’m a tad high at the moment and could lower the car a bit more, I probably need to run a bit more camber in the rear for that. Did a terrible job rolling the rear fenders, there’s this gunk/seam sealer in the rear fender lips that makes it a pain in the ass to roll. Oh well, just glad to have it dropped with rims on now. 😀

level one 2011 (accord).

Just like Caleb’s FA5/FD2 conversion, Justin’s Accord is unbelievably good to take photos of. I love shooting red cars now!

I’m actually not too sure of what’s done to it other than the 18×9.5 +12, 18×10.5 +15 Work S1’s and RonJon lip kit, but it definitely shows how simple it is to make a new Accord look great. I’m pretty surprised how large the wheel wells are on it too, definitely would not have thought they could fit 10.5’s in the rear.

level one 2011 (itr).

So the start of a new season and some of us got new cars over the winter, had to do a shoot!

Dan with the Integra Type R and Justin with the Accord. Dan’s ITR is actually tentatively sold already… short lived car. Lasted a few months? Guy switches cars way too often…

Lowered with PIC coilovers, on MF10’s and a Buddy Club Spec II exhaust. Loud as hell, but sounds great.

Miracle X, Recaro, J’s Racing…

Wish Dan would keep the car and work on it for a bit more – curious about what direction he’d take the ITR. But regardless, I’m sure his next build will be just as clean.