j’s racing fx-pro.

Looks like J’s Racing is coming out with another line of exhaust, the FX-Pro. Looks pretty good to me! Apparently you can choose between a dolphin tip or straight tip.

And here is the straight tip on a GE Fit:



red alert (tuned-life).


Check out the write up if you can read Spanish, cause I can’t. lol. Good to collab with Ed though from Tuned-Life. I like his graphic style.


You stay classy, Vancouver.


lol someone caught the asian kid above red handed on video.


Skip to 4:40 to watch a girl try to protect her car from a bunch of dudes wrecking it.


3:06 for someone trying to stop the vandalism, only to get beat by the mob? *sigh*


Aside from all the madness, this is pretty funny.