foggy nights.

There’s been some thick fog lately at night and in the early morning, so I had to take that opportunity to  take some pictures of the car in it.

I must say, every time I shoot with the NEX-C3, I’m always pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t lug the DSLR around for a quick shoot like this, and I’m pretty happy with the quality of shots that came out of this. No tripod was used, purely hand held shots and it’s still relatively decent looking.




c63 wrap.

Another Shinzowerks wrap, this time Pierre & Steven are wrapping Pierre’s daily C63. I’m not a huge fan of matte cars for the most part but this matte grey-ish silver looks fantastic!

The difference between the stock  silver paint and the wrap itself isn’t too far off so the bay and door jambs won’t look too weird.