s&p: fitted.

Stretch & Poke held their season opening meet on Sunday and the turn out was wild. 400+ cars I hear. But anyway, I got there pretty late so I ended up missing a bunch of cars, but whatever.

Hands down, my favourite car that I saw at the meet was this S14:

In fact, there were several very clean looking S14’s at the meet. This following one was sitting pretty dumped on a set of refinished Work Rezax. I’m not the huge fan of Rezax for mesh wheels, but I definitely liked this car as a whole.

Similar to the previous car, is another pristine example of a clean S14 on Enkei NT03’s. I love concave NT03’s, and it certainly looks great here. I didn’t think there were that many great examples of clean S14’s around in Toronto. Boy was I wrong.

Several bagged dubs made an appearance as well. Here’s a few MK5’s in a row, all bagged.

I believe these Advans are his winter wheels… looked like it had winter rubber on it. o_o

I’m glad this one’s on legit LM’s. Too many fakes around. :\

Another bagged MK5 elsewhere  at the meet:

A few clean E30’s parked together. It was nice how every make  sort of organized their own pre-meet or something and parked together. Made for nice group shots. 🙂

Active Autowerke boosted M shoe on LM’s caught my attention.

Vinyl wrapped Amuse GT1 S2000, done by ShinzoWerks…

…along with the rest of the ShinzoWerks crew and their wrapped cars:

Look out for features on some of them (the brown CSX and the grey GS350) coming up on illmotion!

Another [potentially] clean S14 on Work VSXX… It’s gonna  look amazing (I think) once this thing gets painted and all.

Round up this post with another favourite of mine… I think the Weds Bazreia’s look a lot better than the black on black CCW’s that were on it last season.

Oh.. and you can find the rest of my pictures on my flickr >>>here<<<

updates to the fit.

Picked up a couple things over the past couple weeks for the Fit.

Shifter hard mounts from Strut King:

J’s Racing quick release and titanium steering wheel bolts from Baller Bolts:

As well as a set of OEM clear-red LED tails:

I’m not so sure the hard mount kit did much  for shifting feel… Might be my numb senses, or perhaps the T1R short shifter I have on already made the improvements less noticeable.. I’m not sure. But I love the cleaner look of the clear-red tails.. and pushing out the steering wheel  with the quick release feels much better with the bucket seat. Even with the deep corn Vertex wheel, it felt a tad bit far, but it’s *perfect* now. 😀