gumball 3000 toronto.

Taking a break from the very slow coverage of Japan, Gumball 3000 just rolled through Toronto a couple nights ago. Went to Yorkville to check it out, hoping to see a Veyron or something but it just got mobbed once it arrived. :\

Other than that, I’m pretty stoked to see the Lambo LP670SV with the roof rack. That was pretty rad.

More shots on my flickr.

This Bentley was pretty nice. Interesting to see the gator skin vinyl on it.

andddd my favourite. The LP670SV with the roof rack. Reminds me of the drifting Japanese NSX with the roof rack/tire carrier that was circulating the web awhile ago.

Maximillion Cooper’s Morgan… Aero?
Check out the Volk Progressive ME’s he’s running on it.