usdm freax shoot.

The issue was released a couple weeks ago, so I can finally post up some of my shots I took during the photo session.
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importfest 2013.

It’s a little late for the Importfest 2013 Toronto coverage, but I’ll start off with the pics I took from roll in the day before the show. We ended up getting a really nice spot this year… and with James in the Tuner Battleground competition, we actually ended up with a lot of space to have a pretty cool set up with the cars.

Elevated guys with super clean bays

Curtis’ S14 is super clean, hard to find ones that aren’t beat to hell.

Navin’s F20/F22 (not too sure) swapped Trueno.

And a trio of well done S2000s at the Nextmod booth. Starting with Jacky’s Voltex kitted, HKS supercharged one up above. And Brian’s Powerhouse Amuse GT1 widebody, turbo one below.

And a Tamon widebody kitted one that debuted at Importfest 2013 Toronto, with Jenvey ITBs.

I was really feeling this iS300 that was at the show.

Kevin is sporting a new Runduce lip as well on his Varis kit.

Varis widebody Evo X….one of the many new builds that came out this year.