seats and food.

Visited Nextmod a couple days ago to pick up my Nagisa Auto seat rail for the Fit and I got  to check out  Peter’s new baller seats, a pair of Recaro ASM Ruby SR-7’s.

And after picking up my rail, finally get to put in the second Zeal bucket  and not run a mismatched set of front seats. 😀

I’m pretty happy overall with the Nagisa Auto rails. The side mounts are flimsy though. It feels like you can bend it with your bare hands. They sit quite a bit lower than the Bride bracket I have on the driver side, probably something along the lines of 3-5″ lower, which is great. I find the Bride bracket much too high for my liking.

And finally, went around the calendar again and ended up another year older. Food + friends = good times.