tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 5]

Looking back through the photos I took at TAS 2012, I realized I haven’t mentioned one of most highly anticipated cars to be coming out in the near future – the FT86/BRZ. There were several modified ones at the show – nice to see aftermarket support for it already.

Dunlop / Falken tires had an interesting display. As opposed to having two  separate cars, they just separated one, and plastered each half with their own livery.

Endless and Gram Lights 57Xtreme.

And on the other side of the wall, the Falken  display, with an artist who painted a mural of some sort for the span of TAS 2012.

There were a trio of FT86’s displayed at the Gazoo Racing booth, Toyota bringing out two – the first one being the Modellista.

The second FT86 from Toyota is their TRD version:

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a shot of the front of the TRD. Probably because of the horde of people standing in front of it all day long.
A shot of the TRD engine bay though:

And Gazoo Racing had their own FT86 on display as well.

At the Subaru booth, there  were a few BRZs, starting with one from Prova:

And of course, Subaru Tecnica International came with their own iteration of the BRZ.

A GT300 (I think?) BRZ:

And finally,an HKS FT86 demo car driven by Nob Tanaguchi: