dan’s ap2 (now with asm).

Dan’s always on the move, changing parts and cars constantly. This time around he picked up an ASM front bumper with carbon lip, as well  as a J’s Racing rear diffuser. He also finally fixed up the messed up fenders and rear quarters he had after a mishap with some road construction.

Dan also has the unfortunate luck of nailing stuff with his rear diffuser, pushing all the mounts back an inch or so.

The amount of fender work on the fronts is pretty noticeable at certain angles:






back for more.

So Dan sold his ITR and picked up another S2000… not the hugest fan of yellow cars but it sure does photograph well. 🙂
In any case, it’s only been 2 weeks since he picked up the car and it’s looking superb already. Anyways, feature on Stretch & Poke so you can read the write up there:
>>>Stretch & Poke: Guess Who’s Back?<<<

Healthy amount of ARC goodies on Dan’s car… he’s selling the exhaust (ARC 60mm single full Ti)… contact him >>>here<<<
Really hope he comes to his senses and keeps it though. -_-