seats and food.

Visited Nextmod a couple days ago to pick up my Nagisa Auto seat rail for the Fit and I got  to check out  Peter’s new baller seats, a pair of Recaro ASM Ruby SR-7’s.

And after picking up my rail, finally get to put in the second Zeal bucket  and not run a mismatched set of front seats. 😀

I’m pretty happy overall with the Nagisa Auto rails. The side mounts are flimsy though. It feels like you can bend it with your bare hands. They sit quite a bit lower than the Bride bracket I have on the driver side, probably something along the lines of 3-5″ lower, which is great. I find the Bride bracket much too high for my liking.

And finally, went around the calendar again and ended up another year older. Food + friends = good times.

dan’s ap2 (now with asm).

Dan’s always on the move, changing parts and cars constantly. This time around he picked up an ASM front bumper with carbon lip, as well  as a J’s Racing rear diffuser. He also finally fixed up the messed up fenders and rear quarters he had after a mishap with some road construction.

Dan also has the unfortunate luck of nailing stuff with his rear diffuser, pushing all the mounts back an inch or so.

The amount of fender work on the fronts is pretty noticeable at certain angles: