tokyo auto salon 2012 [part 1 of many].

I’m not sure how many parts of this there will be, but I’ll just go through some shots and pick out what I found most interesting.

I guess I’ll start with the big one – the Bensopra GTRs. It’s a wild kit, with an insane price of 3.5 million yen (~$45,000 CAD), and the wing is an extra 500,000 yen (~$6,500 CAD). There were three at the show, I took some shots of the grey¬† and white one that were together first.

The front end of the car doesn’t come off quite as aggressive as the rear.

I love how the hood is forward lifting, though, as the reps were propping the hood up, it doesn’t seem like the easiest of hoods to open, and it took them quite awhile to do so. I didn’t get much of an opportunity to take shots of the white one as crowds were around it all day, as with most cars at the show that have their engine bay on display.

Other than the white and grey-ish one that were parked together at the show, there was a third at the GReddy booth. With such aggressive aero, you’re going to have to have the power to back that up. I’m not sure about the other two cars, but the GReddy delivers with their 35RX demo car – 1,250 PS and 153 kgm of torque.

The burnt titanium look on the fins definitely adds a nice touch to their livery.

GReddy had a plethora of parts on display – their 4.3L stroker kit for the R35, as well as the complete 35RX engine.