another set of ssr.

4th set of SSRs,  3rd set of Type C’s.  This set will probably last me for the rest of the year… and I’ll definitely have to try something new next year.


do love ssr.

Picked up a 3rd set of SSR’s over the weekend, decided to do a little shoot after cleaning ’em. Sizing and fitment of the three are:

_18x9.5 +35 SSR type C
_15x6.5 +35 SSR type C
_15x7 +19 SSR Vienna

Sadly, I’m looking to sell ’em to free up some funds. 😦

wheel shipment.

Some of the wheels a couple of buddies and I ordered finally arrived from Japan last week. Loved unpacking them – hated the clean up afterward. Missing one of my sets in the pics but I’ll post up pics of that later.