voltex s2000.

Shot this awhile back and never got around to posting it after Illmotion released their little feature on it. Jacky’s been building his S2000 for awhile, and it’s progressively gotten better and better. After going all out with the full Voltex kit, he surprised yet again with the fairly recently released HKS supercharger (I remember seeing it released at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2012). I don’t think there’s anyone other than Evasive running this kit in North America. Not sure why, it’s a beautiful kit. Perhaps the power that it makes and the price tag has something to do with that. But being a JDM parts whore that Jacky is, I can see why he got it.

Jacky’s pretty big on bringing his car to the track, so according to him, the power level is just right (350whp). He also pretty much drives this daily during the summer. Pretty hardcore.

Since the shoot, he’s changed his exhaust from the Powerhouse Amuse single to Powerhouse Amuse duals. He’s also swapped his Tein coilovers for Evasive spec Eibach coils with external reservoirs, added a J’s Racing roll center adjuster, Craftsquare mirrors, and some other things here and there. The modding is non stop.








been awhile.

Whoa, it’s been awhile since I posted something. It’s been a busy month, with a close friend’s wedding, multiple car shoots, and some other personal things to deal with.
So what do we have… I shot Dan’s NSX a few weeks ago after he dialed in the coils and got his wheels on (though after the shoot, he fine tuned the suspension again).

Fantastic looking car, and he claims it’s the first NSX with concave fronts on stock body. I can’t really back up that claim, but there’s probably not a lot of NSX owners who are willing to bastardize their car for fitment lol.

NSXs are quite mesmerizing  when they’re rolling, kinda hard not to just stop and stare. It *SEEMS* like Dan will be keeping this car for awhile, or so he says… but we’ll see what happens after the winter this year haha.

The car came with Gruppe M exhaust and Taitec headers, pretty awesome pick up indeed. Pretty minty for a car that’s just over 20 years old now and has gone through a number of owners.

Also got the opportunity to shoot DC’s bagged GTI, after he got a set of LMs on.

After playing around with his bag riders setup with autopilot v2, I think I’m pretty set on getting myself the same setup. Comparison shot between H&R sport springs and his bags below. lol. Makes my Passat look stock.

freshly lowered passat.

Just passed 10,000 km earlier this week so I had to treat the Passat to a little gift. Got it lowered this morning on H&R sport springs, and I’m fairly happy with the ride. The height is just about where I want it to be (not too low for the daily) – stock height was maybe about 5 finger gap, and now it’s down to about 2 finger gap. I think this will probably be it this year  in terms  of ‘bigger’ mods on the Passat, I have some pedals coming but that’s nothing crazy. I also have a set of 19×8 +40 Rial Nogaros for it, sitting around in storage, but I’m hoping to utilize the stock tires a bit more before buying tires for the 19’s. Need to save money for some big changes on the Fit as well. :\

I also ended up doing a resonator delete on the Passat. One large resonator and two smaller ones. I haven’t heard the exhaust note from outside the car yet, but it remains fairly quiet in cabin. No drone whatsoever, but you get a bit of VR purr. There are two rear mufflers remaining, that will probably be changed out for a custom Magnaflow with quad tips or something. That’s the plan anyway.