Seeker is pretty close to Type One, just another 5 minute walk down the same street as Spoon and Type One. Didn’t end up with too many shots here.

S2000 headers

FD2 headers

Love the fenders on this Type R. So buff.

Their CRZ on TE37 G2’s

type one part II.

Right outside and around the corner of Type One’s garage entrance is a Spoon FN2, parked seriously close to the wall. I’m not so sure about the lower lips and mirrors being painted silver but I guess it kinda goes with the spaceship vibe this car gives off.

Mix and match of RE30’s and Prodrive GC-10’s. Wonder why they did that.

Looking pretty slammed there.

Headed upstairs to Type One’s showroom and was greeted with something unexpected.

Mint looking Lotus Elan (?) I think? Wow was that thing clean.

Needs a drop. Badly.

Some cars are being worked on upstairs as well. Again, like Studie and ASM, remarkably clean work areas. Amazes me every time.

And you can see Gary in the back there. More on him later.

A 5zigen NSX was there too. Not sure if it’s for display or if it’s going to be worked on, but regardless, NSX’s are always a welcome sight to see.

The infamous EK hanging off the rack… wonder if this thing ever gets moved. I recall seeing it in pretty much all of the Spoon/Type One visits by others.

TSX with Advan RZ’s and NSX calipers:

Love the Mugen exhaust for TSX/Accord Euro R.

More about Gary now… when I walked upstairs, I got to speak with one of the staff there and ended saying that I’m from Canada and such. He signals to the guy in the previous picture and says he’s from Canada as well. Well, small world I thought. Might as well say hi and see how’d he land a job at Spoon. His name’s Gary btw. Ends up he’s from Toronto as well, in fact, only a short-ish drive away from where I live. Crazy. He’s been working there for a couple years and has met several others from Toronto as well, that end up visiting Spoon/Type One. So if you’re ever at Type One and communicating with the Japanese staff in English isn’t working out, look for Gary.

type one part I.

Just down the street from Spoon, is their garage and showroom, Type One.

This particular S2000 was built as a demo car for some magazine shoots and videos. Luckily, I went to Type One the day I went, apparently the day before the shop was pretty empty, the CRZ and this S2000 were out on shoots.

Incredibly clean. The Spoon mirrors are very sleek too. Sure beats the chunky stock mirrors IMO.

Next up is the CRZ. I’ve been dying to see this after seeing the initial pictures of it and was really hoping it’d be there when I go to Type One. Got lucky. Looked pretty clean too, despite the on and off rain from the previous couple days. Good timing with the magazine/video shoot. 🙂

I really liked the initial pictures with the same wheels, the Spoon CR93’s, but in blue, though the silver wheels do make it a lot cleaner looking.

And the other, wilder side of the car, rocking yellow CR93’s:

Part II coming soon!


Left Yokohama another day to head off to Suginami in Tokyo, to check out Spoon, Type One, Seeker and Feel’s, which are all pretty close to one another. Reached Ogikubo station, and walked south down this one large street to get to Spoon.

If I understand correctly, this Spoon building is for their parts development? Maybe someone can confirm for me.
But anyways, the guy there was really nice, spoke to him for a little bit, took some pictures, and he gave me a catalogue and calendar, and one of those Option 1:64 scale cars of the Spoon S2000. This one:

On to the cars…

Nice to see a CL7 with slightly more aggressive aero on. Don’t see too many of those.

OEM Recaros. Nice.

The infamous Spoon S2000.


After stopping by ARQRAY, I hopped back on the Yokohama City Blue line to Center Kita, a few stations away from ARQRAY, and headed for T&E. Finding T&E was pretty easy, just headed down one street for a couple blocks and it was there. Didn’t take too many photos there, wasn’t much to see. It was the Friday before the weekend of D1GP in Odaiba as well, as I was told by the staff at T&E, and that SUI:VAX, was closed due to D1GP.

I love the Vertex Soarer that they had sitting outside though. Been feeling Soarer’s / Lexus SC’s in the last little while, and the Vertex kit has to be my favourite kit for that car. The Algernon Interlesse’s that it was sitting on are pretty nice too, haven’t seen a set locally before… at least for now.

The shop itself was kinda packed, I guess they were cleaning up or rearranging the displays and such.

T&E kits sitting around:


After Studie, I went to check out ARQRAY, whom makes some pretty nice exhausts. They’re pretty close to Studie, only a station or two away at Kitashinyokohama on the Yokohama City Blue line. The shop is really close to the station as well, maybe a 2-3 minute walk away.

Wasn’t much to see, and I couldn’t go into their garage area so I just have pics of their M6 sitting outside, sitting on Advan Model T7’s, with their titanium exhaust and I think their front lip? Not too sure about the lip part… but anyways…

High quality parts made in Japan!!!!!

studie yokohama 2010 part II.

Continuing on from Studie Yokohama part I, here’s some of the shop cars and used cars that were parked at the lot near across the street from Studie.

This blue Z4 is a beauty. Ridiculously clean looking, at least up front… and can be bought for 5,780,000 yen… which is about $62~63,000 CAD.

Well… it was pretty clean up until this point. Not too fond of the rear, the kit does remind me of Kerscher’s kits… but I’m not exactly sure if it’s a Kerscher? Did Kerscher even make a kit for the Z4? Looks good nonetheless, for the most part.

The black M coupe was also for sale, again, not too fond of the rear, but I’m definitely digging the wheels.

This was a surprise to see again. The infamous purple 8 series owned by the owner of Studie, “Bob” Suzuki. I took shots of it the last time I was here, but it’s kinda sad to see it’s for sale now.

Full AC Schnitzer Z4. Looks like they bought out the entire AC Schnitzer catalogue for the new Z4. No joke.

And finally, the green M Motorsport widebody kitted Z4M from last year. Seems like it’s been turned into a daily/street car now. Needs to be lowered though… the wheel gap is killing it. But then again, the aero would get destroyed with the quickness. The front wheels need some spacing out as well… They just don’t do the fenders justice with those fitments.