nextmod 1st year anniversary.

Nextmod had their 1st year anniversary yesterday, looked like it was gonna rain the whole time but the weather held up for the most part. Only a light drizzle or two throughout the afternoon. Not too shabby. Super humid though.

GS on flat black CCW’s and a huge front splitter. Definitely different from the usual VIP styled GS’ out there.

steezy’s Si with a new rear diffuser:

Galen’s turbo RSX on AME FS01’s as well. That’s like, 2 of the 3 known (to me anyways) sets of FS01 in Toronto, possibly in Ontario?

Super Advans… don’t work most of the time but looks pretty good here:

RX8 on LM’s… it was running VSXX at the Stretch & Poke II meet a few weeks ago. Nice selection of wheels.

Volk Evo 3’s (I think?) on a 300zx. Nice wheels, I dig ’em.

Great looking G sedan.

NT03-M’s, don’t see them much, great looking wheel though.

Mugen, Regas and Brides. Can’t go wrong with that combo on a DC2.

APH’s turbo, Amuse kitted S2k:

Peter’s IS350, now on SSR Type F’s:

Barry’s Voltex 350z:

Level One / Backstage line up:

Jer’s 350z on F zero blue TE37’s. Love the colour, looks so much better than Dan’s mag blue CE’s.

Gruppe M intake… JDM BLING.

errrrr… a rally prepped Impreza was driven to the meet.

SAi’s J’s DC5. Looks the same, but now without the massive amount of stone chips!

GS on some VS-KF’s. Nice.

Wedssport SA55M’s looking good on this slammed TL.

Rachel’s turbo Element on some new wheels, RG-D’s 19×9.5.

Galen’s RSX again…

FS01 club.

stretch & poke II.

Some late pictures of the Stretch & Poke II meet that happened last weekend. Check the rest of my pics >>>here<<<
And coverage from others >>>here<<<

Junction Produce Scaras. Mad gangster.

Caleb’s FD2 with J’s Racing front lip and ducts looking awesome.