looking back on 2009 [part i]

2009 started out pretty well. Actually, it began in Dec. 2008 when I went to Vancouver for a bit, then to HK, and finally to Tokyo. Vancouver is a great place. Love the scenery, the sea, the mountains … not so much the rainy weather though. Made the first stop at AJ Racing in Richmond, got a ride in their time attack turbo GD3 Fit:

Ben’s Amuse equipped GTR:

Wasn’t too hard to get to AJR by public transit, I must admit, Vancouver’s TransLink is pretty good, better than TTC anyways. The stay at Vancouver was short, hopped on a plane a few days later to reach HK.

Didn’t check out too many car shops in HK, spent most of the time wandering the streets and malls. Picked up a set of Defi’s there though from Top Racing, probably one of the better car shops in HK. Price was goooood, even with the horrendous exchange rate after the economy took a dump.

Peninsula Hotel around Christmas time:

Balling hotel, took delivery of 14 long wheelbase Rolls Royce Phantoms a few years ago to shuttle guests around HK. Always see a couple of them parked out front.

Inside IFC mall:

One of the panda’s at Ocean Park:

Stuck around in HK for a couple weeks, then headed to Japan at the start of the new year to make it for Tokyo Auto Salon 2009!!

I took too many pics there so I’ll just leave these two links here:
<<<Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 day 1>>>
<<<Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 day 2>>>

Definitely the most tiring car show I’ve been to. Between checking out all the cars and products there, to taking pictures, and buying stuff, 2 days was definitely not enough. Should’ve went for all 3. ~_~

Also visited ASM Yokohama & Studie Yokohama while I was here, photos were posted on my blog earlier.

That pretty much concludes the extremely short summary of my trip to Asia – definitely was a great way to start 2009.