finally ‘done’.

So the Fit got finished up at the end of last week, just in time for Importfest. Shinzowerks did an amazing job on the wrap, kudos to them!
I ended up placing second in the Honda Other category, pretty stoked about that, first award of any sort that I’ve won at a car show. I’ve heard that that there was some controversy with the Best Vinyl award though, win was pretty much bought cause the car was at a vendor whom had a huge booth. Oh well, I’m not too upset with the politics behind it, didn’t even realize there was a Best Vinyl award until after the award was announced haha. Would’ve been nice to have recognized Shinzo’s hard work on the car though.



Apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a crazy week putting the car back together and prepped for ImportFest next weekend. Actually, the car still isn’t finished. It’s cutting it close but it should be done close to the end of the week. Over the last couple week or two, I’ve gone a little lower after swapping to another set of coilovers as my KWs  were blown, installed the Endless BBK, reinstalled my interior, and started prepping for some other stuff.

This is the most naked my Fit’s ever been. And I need to get my exhaust hangers adjusted a bit – the tip is hitting the cut out.

in progress.

As silly as it looks… it’s nice to finally see some progress on the Fit. Hopefully I’ll be dropping it off at the body shop on Friday, and by the end of the week there should be some progress on the E46 as well! 😀

updates to the fit.

Picked up a couple things over the past couple weeks for the Fit.

Shifter hard mounts from Strut King:

J’s Racing quick release and titanium steering wheel bolts from Baller Bolts:

As well as a set of OEM clear-red LED tails:

I’m not so sure the hard mount kit did much  for shifting feel… Might be my numb senses, or perhaps the T1R short shifter I have on already made the improvements less noticeable.. I’m not sure. But I love the cleaner look of the clear-red tails.. and pushing out the steering wheel  with the quick release feels much better with the bucket seat. Even with the deep corn Vertex wheel, it felt a tad bit far, but it’s *perfect* now. 😀





bling blang.

Picked up a set of these DAD Garson door lock pins at an Upgarage when I was in Japan and finally got a chance to take my door panels off for install. The Fit makes no sense at the moment. Bucket seats and bling… sport lux I suppose. haha.

first weekend out.

Took the fit out a couple days ago and installed some parts sitting around. 😀
Still have some work to do this year to the car, will need to get another bracket to install the second Zeal bucket amongst other things, but it’s great to drive it again!