more work.

More aero test fitting… this time around for the E46. Picked up an OEM aero kit awhile back from ECS Tuning when it was being blown out for $100 + shipping for a 4 pc lip kit. What a deal.. haha. They even ended up dropping the price even further to something ridiculous like $30 + shipping or something like that later on.

Toying with the idea of a single outlet on an E46. I kinda like it.

csl trunk installed.

Got the trunk installed in the morning, still missing a couple things like a plug for the key hole and an emblem. Fitment wasn’t the greatest, and there’s some minor issues with the trunk, but I’m overall pretty happy with it. 😀

I’m opting not to run any trunk struts. The original two is way too much for the lighter trunk, and even with one strut I feel like I’m gonna break something trying to close it. :S

The flare on this particular trunk is pretty mild. In fact, it’s pretty hard to tell there’s a flare at all (to me anyways). In the next shot, you can see how it flares out towards the back,  but not so much in height.

rest of tas coverage.

I give up on going through all the pictures. You can find all of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 shots here:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Parking Lot

And some teasers! Picked up a CSL trunk the other day for cheap! 😀
Looking forward to putting it on this weekend (I hope)…

Also swapped the tires from my Loversouls to the SSR Type C’s I’m gonna run on temporarily. Gonna retire the Loversouls.

e46 phase I.

So as mentioned previously, I finally got around to dropping the E46 daily on KW Variant 1 coilovers and put on the SSR Type C’s I had for it. Loving the ride on the KW V1’s, pretty much feels stock. Though, I’m a tad high at the moment and could lower the car a bit more, I probably need to run a bit more camber in the rear for that. Did a terrible job rolling the rear fenders, there’s this gunk/seam sealer in the rear fender lips that makes it a pain in the ass to roll. Oh well, just glad to have it dropped with rims on now. 😀