voltex s2000.

Shot this awhile back and never got around to posting it after Illmotion released their little feature on it. Jacky’s been building his S2000 for awhile, and it’s progressively gotten better and better. After going all out with the full Voltex kit, he surprised yet again with the fairly recently released HKS supercharger (I remember seeing it released at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2012). I don’t think there’s anyone other than Evasive running this kit in North America. Not sure why, it’s a beautiful kit. Perhaps the power that it makes and the price tag has something to do with that. But being a JDM parts whore that Jacky is, I can see why he got it.

Jacky’s pretty big on bringing his car to the track, so according to him, the power level is just right (350whp). He also pretty much drives this daily during the summer. Pretty hardcore.

Since the shoot, he’s changed his exhaust from the Powerhouse Amuse single to Powerhouse Amuse duals. He’s also swapped his Tein coilovers for Evasive spec Eibach coils with external reservoirs, added a J’s Racing roll center adjuster, Craftsquare mirrors, and some other things here and there. The modding is non stop.








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