christmas in march.

Just got back from Vegas a couple days ago and picked up all my goods from Rachel @ Nextmod.

Awesome feeling to pick up new wheels! Also picked up some Junction Produce for the Passat. haha… VIP Passat? hahaha probably not…


Black & gold JP fusa seems pretty uncommon, haven’t seen that many around anyway. I’m trying not to do too much to the Passat, probably just coilovers for this season if I’m lucky.


The new SSR lug nuts are pretty sick too, they come individually wrapped in clear plastic (though there’s no box to hold them, that kinda sucks).

On the topic of well packaged, SSR really does a good job with their wheel packing… double boxed from More Japan, foam, cardboard covering the face, and the box is nearly the same height as a 9.5″ box from Rays (the SSR’s are 8″). Not bad SSR, not bad at all.



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