Awesome. Placed 1st in Honda/Acura other.

Most of my shots were from roll in, so cars  are kinda everywhere…
Full set can be found >>>HERE<<<

This is such a crazy Civic, who came up from New Jersey. Won best of show. Stretching  275/35R19 over HRE’s. o_o

And his friend who came from New York with this FD3s RX7:

Kraftwerks supercharged AP2:

Something off with this car I think…

DAD Garson rims… don’t see those very often!

Our small showing of Level One…seems like most of the guys are either stock-ish at the moment  with new cars, or just getting out of the scene. :\

This was pretty crazy. Full J’s Racing RSX with widened rears as well, flat gunmetal paintjob… quality all around.


finishing up for this year.

Went back to Shinzo and got my mirrors wrapped, and installed a set of black headlights I picked up a few weeks ago as well. I think I’m pretty much done for 2012. One more show to go to next week (Import Expo) and that’s about it!


After (well, one side is done anyway):