s&p – united we stance.

Took  some pics  at the final Stretch & Poke meet  of this year, which happened about a month ago… These are probably the cars I found most interesting from my brief walk around.

Not so sure about the stripe going down the  side of the car but it still looks very good on those VS-XX’s.

First time  seeing James’ car after he bought it from Cheng. I think I’d have to say the car looks even better now.

Kev’s car went through some  changes as  well, with the CR lip instead of the Spoon bumper, and Tamon design rear wing  vs. the J’s Racing. I was never a fan of the CR lip – and I’m still not – but the car looks pretty good.

Dan & Chu’s cars are always head turners, though Chu’s car is being parted out now, and apparently Dan has some things lined up for next year which might be a welcome change. I think? haha

Voltex diffusers for everyone!

Refinished Leon Hardiritt’s looking good on Aiden’s IS300.

Love the colour of this  G35, and the car sits pretty nicely on the CCW’s.

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