performance world 2011.

Stopped by Performance World for a little bit to check out Dan’s new (sort of) DC2 ITR… haven’t actually seen it person yet, and to say hi to some friends. I didn’t stay too long, basically made my way to the import section and hung around there for the short time I was there. The domestic side of this show was huge, and some of the cars there were super clean and well put together, but I don’t have any pictures of that.

This was a very cool Mini. Apparently it’s an AWD k-swap. Definitely one of my favourite cars out of the small part of the show I saw.

Kudos to Sailun tires for doing all this promotional work with car forums and sponsoring track days and such, as well as with dealers like Richmond Hill Honda, but I’m still not convinced I want to run Chinese tires.

Nice refinish job on the Style 5’s on this E36. Speaking of which, I need to be working on my Style 5’s as well. =_=

Don’t see an old school S class getting done up very often. Very nice. Love the colour of it.

Wald wheels on this blue AMG E55/63? Don’t know my benzes.

Dan’s ITR, finally found it. Dunno why I missed it the first time I walked past that area. Looks good, very stock, and the car is in pretty good shape. Can’t go wrong with being clean!

Dan also runs a Buddy Club spec 2 on his ITR. Haven’t heard it yet but I would imagine that it’d be pretty awesome sounding, albeit a little on the loud side.

Spoon + MF10’s vs…

Endless and Type F’s? Which do you prefer?

Congrats to Caleb for taking home best JDM of the show. Well deserved I think. 🙂
Both Dan and Caleb are looking to reach Honda Day in mid April at Atco Raceway (I think?) and possibly Import Alliance this year, so be sure to look out for them there!

If you’re thinking that yellow ITR seems familiar, you are correct. Deja vu, it’s another C west kitted ITR. Both with a J’s Racing wing and MF10’s. Except one has a roll cage. Same owner too I think? Crazy.

Clean 86 with a boosted S2000 motor…

Never get tired of seeing this R32. It’s nice to see a well kept Skyline… too many beat up ones around. :\
Didn’t get a good shot of it though, the Panasports are real nice. Nice to see it again since Importfest last year.

More shots are found >>>here<<<

hk love.

Buddy of mine visiting HK at the moment sends me these pics he took:

That’s pretty intense. Gram Lights and Endless bbk on a minivan?! I know they take their mini vans seriously in Japan, but I didn’t expect to see something like this from HK.