2 responses to “e46 on ccw.

  1. Hi.

    I guess that the Car is great. Two first photos are really nice, but the third one in not. Sorry, saying it so “harshly”. It has been taken too close. I think that better photo is to take from a certain distance using zoom. I have been testing this kind of things, because I have been taking hundreds photos from cars.

    I have at this moment four car posts, but if You check my first post, then You see:


    For example the first photo I took from ten yards. So it is also the third photo. It is quite similar to Yours, but see the difference. Well, maybe You just wanted to show it that way? Is it so?


    • I didn’t take these photos. But I see what you mean about the third photo, the wide angle at that distance distorts the car a bit. To be honest, I’m okay with the distortion – everyone has their own kinda style and it may not be pleasing for everybody.

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