j’s racing part I.

Took a side trip to Kyoto and Osaka for a few days, and HAD to visit J’s Racing – definitely was looking forward to going there. They’re located in the suburbs of Osaka, actually about halfway in between Osaka and Kyoto, in Ibaraki.

Upon arriving there, this GE Fit was parked out front with the J’s front bumper. Absolutely love the J’s bumpers, wish they came out with something for the GD Fit. :\

It also had Mugen ventilated window visors as well as a J’s exhuast. Not so sure about the Type R badge… maybe it’s swapped? Who knows…

Right in front of the shop, was their demo widebody S2000 on CE28’s. The one that was at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier in January this year.

J’s Racing 6 pot BBK, iirc, they’re made by Endless.

GT wings galore.

The J’s widebody is pretty damn wide…you can also see the owner of the J’s Racing Fits (GD and GE) in the background… forget his name at the moment though, and also Ryoma, the friendly, but very lazy J’s Racing dog. I believe the FD2 in the background is a customer’s car getting ready to leave.

The yellow S2000 beside this one was also a widebody, on SSR Type C RS.

J’s Racing’s demo GE Fit was also there. Unfortunately, their GD was not, and according to Kazuo Miki, one of the two staff who can speak English at J’s Racing, the GD is in pieces and is in storage.

2 responses to “j’s racing part I.

    • No real clue, I think the GE Fit only has bolt ons for now, so it’s probably not far off from the stock numbers. Though Kazuo-san did mention something about doing more work to the car later on, similar to their GD Fit. Not too sure what’s done to the S2000’s or the FD2-R though.

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