type one part II.

Right outside and around the corner of Type One’s garage entrance is a Spoon FN2, parked seriously close to the wall. I’m not so sure about the lower lips and mirrors being painted silver but I guess it kinda goes with the spaceship vibe this car gives off.

Mix and match of RE30’s and Prodrive GC-10’s. Wonder why they did that.

Looking pretty slammed there.

Headed upstairs to Type One’s showroom and was greeted with something unexpected.

Mint looking Lotus Elan (?) I think? Wow was that thing clean.

Needs a drop. Badly.

Some cars are being worked on upstairs as well. Again, like Studie and ASM, remarkably clean work areas. Amazes me every time.

And you can see Gary in the back there. More on him later.

A 5zigen NSX was there too. Not sure if it’s for display or if it’s going to be worked on, but regardless, NSX’s are always a welcome sight to see.

The infamous EK hanging off the rack… wonder if this thing ever gets moved. I recall seeing it in pretty much all of the Spoon/Type One visits by others.

TSX with Advan RZ’s and NSX calipers:

Love the Mugen exhaust for TSX/Accord Euro R.

More about Gary now… when I walked upstairs, I got to speak with one of the staff there and ended saying that I’m from Canada and such. He signals to the guy in the previous picture and says he’s from Canada as well. Well, small world I thought. Might as well say hi and see how’d he land a job at Spoon. His name’s Gary btw. Ends up he’s from Toronto as well, in fact, only a short-ish drive away from where I live. Crazy. He’s been working there for a couple years and has met several others from Toronto as well, that end up visiting Spoon/Type One. So if you’re ever at Type One and communicating with the Japanese staff in English isn’t working out, look for Gary.

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