type one part I.

Just down the street from Spoon, is their garage and showroom, Type One.

This particular S2000 was built as a demo car for some magazine shoots and videos. Luckily, I went to Type One the day I went, apparently the day before the shop was pretty empty, the CRZ and this S2000 were out on shoots.

Incredibly clean. The Spoon mirrors are very sleek too. Sure beats the chunky stock mirrors IMO.

Next up is the CRZ. I’ve been dying to see this after seeing the initial pictures of it and was really hoping it’d be there when I go to Type One. Got lucky. Looked pretty clean too, despite the on and off rain from the previous couple days. Good timing with the magazine/video shoot. 🙂

I really liked the initial pictures with the same wheels, the Spoon CR93’s, but in blue, though the silver wheels do make it a lot cleaner looking.

And the other, wilder side of the car, rocking yellow CR93’s:

Part II coming soon!

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