After stopping by ARQRAY, I hopped back on the Yokohama City Blue line to Center Kita, a few stations away from ARQRAY, and headed for T&E. Finding T&E was pretty easy, just headed down one street for a couple blocks and it was there. Didn’t take too many photos there, wasn’t much to see. It was the Friday before the weekend of D1GP in Odaiba as well, as I was told by the staff at T&E, and that SUI:VAX, was closed due to D1GP.

I love the Vertex Soarer that they had sitting outside though. Been feeling Soarer’s / Lexus SC’s in the last little while, and the Vertex kit has to be my favourite kit for that car. The Algernon Interlesse’s that it was sitting on are pretty nice too, haven’t seen a set locally before… at least for now.

The shop itself was kinda packed, I guess they were cleaning up or rearranging the displays and such.

T&E kits sitting around:

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