studie yokohama 2010 part II.

Continuing on from Studie Yokohama part I, here’s some of the shop cars and used cars that were parked at the lot near across the street from Studie.

This blue Z4 is a beauty. Ridiculously clean looking, at least up front… and can be bought for 5,780,000 yen… which is about $62~63,000 CAD.

Well… it was pretty clean up until this point. Not too fond of the rear, the kit does remind me of Kerscher’s kits… but I’m not exactly sure if it’s a Kerscher? Did Kerscher even make a kit for the Z4? Looks good nonetheless, for the most part.

The black M coupe was also for sale, again, not too fond of the rear, but I’m definitely digging the wheels.

This was a surprise to see again. The infamous purple 8 series owned by the owner of Studie, “Bob” Suzuki. I took shots of it the last time I was here, but it’s kinda sad to see it’s for sale now.

Full AC Schnitzer Z4. Looks like they bought out the entire AC Schnitzer catalogue for the new Z4. No joke.

And finally, the green M Motorsport widebody kitted Z4M from last year. Seems like it’s been turned into a daily/street car now. Needs to be lowered though… the wheel gap is killing it. But then again, the aero would get destroyed with the quickness. The front wheels need some spacing out as well… They just don’t do the fenders justice with those fitments.

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