new project.

Pretty much done the Fit… I think. Just need to finish a bunch of installs this Spring/Summer. I think I’m getting bored of it. It’s a great daily, which is what I’ll end up using it for – good gas mileage, pretty practical, should be reliable and cheap on maintenance. But I’ve always wanted to have a second car. Something that can be more impractical, something summer only. I’ve went from wanting an S2000, 350z to an SC400. Something RWD, a coupe/convertible. And what did I settle on?

Enter, project e46.

It’s a 325xi, unfortunately. RWD would’ve been nice. It’s a sedan – not that I don’t like sedans, in fact, I love 4 door versions of many cars. It’s also autotragic. lol. Not complaining though, it’s pretty low mileage for its year, runs great, just needs a little maintenance suspension wise. It’ll probably be a pretty slow project, parts seem pretty expensive, at least what I have in mind for it. Already started collecting parts for it, just a couple things for now:

flat black kidney grills:

And a Gruppe M intake:

The intake isn’t in the greatest shape, but I cleaned it up, will probably need some new rubber lining around the edge as the old one was all ripped up.

Mike, Pierre & Vince @ Shinzowerks also helped me wrap the interior trim in some gloss black vinyl – trying to get rid of some of that beige interior. They also have some new 3M CF vinyl as well, this time it actually works pretty well on curved surfaces. All the stuff they had before didn’t really work very well unless the surface was completely flat. I thought about the CF, but I think it would’ve clash a little with the beige interior. I just wanted to keep it simple, and I think the gloss black worked out pretty well.

Anyways, only 5.5 weeks left till I leave for Asia! 😀