studie yokohama.

So continuing on, after the Yokohama China Town stop, we headed off to Studie Yokohama. We ended up getting lost, google maps ftl. Pointed us into a residential neighbourhood. ~_~  After wandering for a bit, we decided to get a taxi there, using what little broken Japanese I knew, with a taxi driver that knew no English. So we end up getting there, it was pretty dark at this point, couldn’t miss the huge lit up Studie sign.

Some Advan’s on display… LOVE the mixing of JDM w/ Euro cars. ❤

Active Autowerke supercharger and other componants? $$$$$. You know they’re doing it right.

More rims. AC Schnitzer this time.

Hrmmmm… what’s this? E30 M3? Looks good doesn’t it?

What’s that in front of it? Looks like Gran Turismo… hrm….. this also doubles as…

… the ultimate gaming machine. It’s one thing to build a set up for racing games with a bucket seat and rails, it’s on a whole new level to build it into a car.

More rims. I love rims. Can’t get enough of them. This time some BBS love.

mmm.. some RE30’s as well. Some Bilstein suspension thrown in for good measure.

Pretty cool display of BMW art cars.

Their alignment machine in the show room. Again, like ASM, I gotta emphasize how clean the shop looks. Hardwood floors, bays built into the show room …

Library of BMW reading material as well.

This was really cool. Chess pieces made of bolts, nuts, spark plugs etc.

You can see Imamoto-san (iirc) in the background. He came up to us and in well spoken English, asked us if we needed any help, and that we could ask him if we had any questions etc. I guess the taxi driver told him we were foreigners when he called the shop to find out where it was.

More baller stuff. Gruppe M.

And some Brembo’s… there’s no cheap stuff here. Only the finest.

KW and Ohlins suspension.

Studie logo painted by a local artist iirc.

Wish I could’ve seen this car today… Studie x Glad Racing Super GT (Z4M or M Coupe? I always get confused)

Inomata-san came up to us again, this time asking us if we wanted to take a look at the garage. OF COURSE WE WOULD! 😀

But before we got there, we got to see this beauty. Basically the street version of their Studie x Glad Racing Super GT car. Full M Motorsports widebody… HOT.

Wheel gap though. ~_~

Apparently, this car just arrived back at the shop earlier today, after touring the states (LA Auto Show and SEMA I believe). Lucky we went there that night. It’s no Super GT car but it’s close enough for me. 😀

Love the details.

Pretty nice 330i…

Whose owner just bought this brand new 4 door M3. :O

In the garage …

I do love 1 series hatches… so much more so than 1 series coupes. The coupes just look retarded imo.

Love the exhaust tips on this sedan.

This is the owner of Studie’s car. 8 series, BMW individual paint and interior… OEM purple paint ftw.

Parting shot… BMW for sale. Love the colour matched inserts.

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