chinatown in yokohama.

Continuing from the post a week ago, after leaving ASM Yokohama, we headed off in search of a late lunch/early dinner. Yokohama’s China Town is apparently on of the biggest in Asia (perhaps even the biggest?), and was right around the corner from ASM … well, maybe a 15 minute walk.

American muscle in Japan. Looks pretty nice sitting there.

Some interesting buildings while walking to China Town… I believe this was in Motomachi? Or somewhere close by to Motomachi.

Finally, China Town. Can’t miss the huge gate at the entrance.

Some shop that strictly sells stuff with pandas on it, or relating to pandas.

The temple in Yokohama’s China Town.

Overpriced peking duck. :S
9,240 yen for 1 duck.

We went inside some sort of small shopping area/food court and had a bunch of random stuff… the first being a panda-man…

As well as a sweet & sour shrimp dish:

Some fried rice:

Some not-so-spicy “Siu Long Bao” / dumplings… the guy told us they were *very* spicy several times before we ordered… it didn’t end up that spicy in the end. ¬_¬

…and the best of all, the GIANT DUMPLING. This thing is massive. Took like 25 minutes to cook. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. We were all expecting it to taste like crap, considering how much meat each bite would be. *shrugs*

For size comparison:

It kinda tasted like the meat buns we had earlier, the panda-mans.

The dessert was very interesting though, looks extremely pretty, a clear marble of jelly, with a center of diced fruit. However, looks ARE deceiving, the jelly wasn’t as soft as one would think, it’s quite hard actually, and tasted rather bland. A+ for looks though.

That pretty much concludes my walk around Yokohama China Town… afterwards we headed back on the train and went to Studie Yokohama in the evening for another shop tour, I’ll post that next time I have a bit of free time. 🙂

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