asm autobacs yokohama.

Just going through some pictures from earlier this year when I went to Tokyo for Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, decided to elaborate a bit about my visit to ASM Autobacs Yokohama. Finding ASM was a relatively easy task, they’re located on a fairly large road in Yokohama, and getting there from the train station is pretty simple. My friends and I got off at Ishikawacho station, though not the closest to ASM (seems like the closest station is Motomachichukagai), it was a nice walk through the area of Motomachi, with its cobblestone roads and boutiques.

Seeing the ASM billboard was a welcome sight, I was pretty stoked as this was my first Japanese tuner shop visit ever.

Taking a look outside and around the shop, the building doesn’t look like a “car shop” at all. The building is larger than I expected, considering how small homes and such are in metropolitan areas of Japan (or Asia in general). The glass pane with the ASM logo etched on is nice touch – a taste of the clean design and the use of the very “un-car shop-like” materials inside.

Walking around to the parking lot beside ASM, some of ASM’s shop and customer cars were parked out back. Definitely loving the white & orange contrast on their S2000.

The ASM kit for the S2000 has to be my favourite of all time. Clean design, nothing too outrageous – perfect for a street car.

Stepping inside, one is greeted with their enormous collection of Recaros. It’s probably the most recognizable feature of ASM as a shop. Everyone’s ASM shop visit pictures I’ve seen has not failed to show their infamous wall of Recaros. It’s quite the sight.

The display of their complete exhaust system for the S2000 is very cool. The whole system just oozes quality. And because I haven’t mentioned it before, the hardwood floors are amazing. The whole shop just looks and feels different from all the car shops I’ve been to (not many…). Using materials that are more natural just elevates the interior to another level. Even the garage area has hardwood floor!

A set of their coilovers by Sachs, for the Mini Cooper:

As well as their 3 ways for the S2000, again by Sachs. Quality stuff. If you squint a bit in the first picture, what’s the price on a set of those? OMG wut – 1,260,000 yen? What’s that translate to, like… $15,000 Canadian? Oi, that’s nearly 3/4 of the cost of my Fit. ~_~

Beefed up subframe? Not too sure. Looks serious though.

ASM stickers? mmm, probably the only thing I can afford. -_-;;

In the end, I ended up buying a stubby antenna, a t-shirt, and a Recaro scarf from them. Don’t think I could’ve afforded much else. ~_~
Unfortunately, their time attack S2000 wasn’t around, apparently it was at a garage in Suzuka, or something like that. Would definitely visit them again next year though, have a Japan trip in the works, hopefully this time around they’ll have that car there.

Anyways, some parting shots of the owner’s Cooper.

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